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Telehandlers也被称为“吊杆升降机”,以其极高的高度和多功能性而闻名. 对于许多应用程序,远程处理程序可以是一个伟大的增加您的工作场所. For a telehandler in excellent condition at a budget-friendly price, Cleveland Brothers have many used telehandlers options.


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Telehandlers by 毛毛虫® for Sale at Cleveland Brothers

Our many options for telehandlers are all manufactured by 毛毛虫, an industry leader in construction equipment. When you purchase 猫® telehandlers from Cleveland Brothers, you are investing in a piece of valuable equipment. 你可以相信卡特彼勒汽车经久耐用的声誉.

一旦你有了你的电话处理器,你可能会发现它对你的工作场所是必不可少的. 远程处理器主要用于建筑业和农业. 由于他们的高度和接触范围,远程搬运者最擅长把沉重的材料搬到高处. 由于有许多附件可用,远程处理器可以在许多工作场所使用.

See for yourself why a telehandler is so beneficial. Browse the used telehandlers selection at Cleveland Brothers today.

Features of Our Telehandlers

Telehandlers are versatile tools at many work sites, especially considering they have the capabilities of a forklift, work platform and crane all in one machine. When you invest in a used telehandler from Cleveland Brothers, you will enjoy many perks of your machine, 如:

  • Telescopic boom for a lift that is 50 feet high or more
  • High load capacity to fit and lift heavy loads
  • Off-road tires for grip and stability on any terrain
  • Tight turns for easier maneuverability
  • The option of 附件 for versatility across applications


Attachments for Our Telehandlers

One of the reasons why telehandlers remain some of the most versatile pieces of equipment is because of 附件. 电话处理器末端的附件改变了机器能完成的任务, which means that you can use telehandlers across many applications. If you use multiple 附件 at the same job site, many can be changed out without hassle, which saves time and increases productivity for the operator.

Some common 附件 for telehandlers include:

  • 工业 work platforms
  • 起重钩
  • 轮叉尖上

If you want one or more of these 附件 with your used telehandler, our representatives can help you find what you're looking for.

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如果你需要一个电话处理器为你的下一个项目,购买一个在太阳成集团官网使用的电话处理器. 我们是宾夕法尼亚州中部和西弗吉尼亚州北部的授权猫经销商, so we have many used telehandlers for you to choose from.

Search through our options on this page to find the model you need. 点击“查看详细信息”按钮查看设备的图片和规格. 如果您想了解更多关于我们的二手电话处理器的信息,请致电或 filling out our contact form 在我们的网站上.