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Cleveland Brothers has over 580 trained Technicians located throughout our 28 facilities to help service your machine. 我们大多数商店都是两班倒,也有几家第三班倒.  Following strict contamination control and testing guidelines in our machining shops ensures that the work done on your equipment does not create new problems when we are finished.  Our Technicians are backed by a six person in-house training department that keeps their skills current with the latest in service practices and technology.  With more than 175 state of the art equipped vehicles in our service fleet we are where you need help when you need it.


CB HYMAC是您的全服务液压缸, 泵和电机车间在精密加工和镀铬方面有额外的专业知识.  我们提供多种服务选项,以帮助您降低维修成本.  From building custom cylinders for your unique application to salvaging worn or damaged heavy equipment and industrial components, 我们可以节省您的时间和金钱,同时降低机器的拥有成本.  凭借我们丰富的经验,我们可以满足您所有的液压需求, 包括约翰迪尔的部件, Komatsu, 神钢和其他机器.  的更多信息 click here.


Cleveland Brothers’ CAT Certified Rebuilds allow you to fully benefit from the “second life” built into all CAT products. 花一大笔钱买一台性能像新的机器, 我们给它提供了相当于新的机器保修的保证! 该项目包括:

  • 彻底的检查和准确的重建报价
  • 完全拆卸您的机器和组件
  • Re-assembly by factory trained technicians using specialty tools and standards developed by Cat
  • 进行为期一天的测试
  • 油漆,重新鉴定和新的CAT保修


We perform your machine’s prescribed maintenance on time and to Caterpillar’s specifications.  From Total Maintenance and Repair to Field Inspection we make available the service you need.  We offer service agreements designed to allow you to do the work you do best and leave the machine maintenance to us.  的更多信息 click here.


太阳成集团官网是满足你所有制造需求的安全来源.  In house engineering assistance allows us to design and fabricate buckets specific to your application.  我们最先进的设备旨在提供全方位的焊接, 制造和机械加工服务. 我们的承诺是使您的工作具有竞争力,迅速和有效地完成.

  • Specialty Buckets
  • 重建和维修
  • Buckets
  • Blades
  • Roller Frames
  • Equalizer Bars
  • 的更多信息 click here.


We are your reliable source for repairs or to exchange components giving you the widest range of options.  Our work includes:

  • Engines
  • Final Drives
  • 传输/转换器
  • Differentials
  • 柱塞泵和马达

Where possible precision welding and machining steps can recondition a wide range of expensive components at a fraction of the cost of new.  传动轴-轴承表面的打捞作业, rear-differential-trunnions, turbo-exhaust-housings, pump-shaft-seal-surfaces, 轭架和类似的部件提供了经济的替代购买新的.


利用你的CAT起落架内置的“第二生命”.  With our depth of knowledge count on us to service your non-CAT undercarriage needs as well, 包括约翰迪尔, Komatsu, Kobelco and others.

  • 由太阳成集团官网的CAT技术人员在室内表演
  • Our undercarriage rebuilds extend machine life at a fraction of the cost of replacement
  • 完成任何重建所需的零件库存
  • 优质的“湿”轴瓦转动延长起落架寿命
  • Reshelling的辊
  • 跑鞋regrousering


Cleveland Brothers understands the down time expense of hose failures and stands ready to supply all your hose and coupling needs.  Our experience goes beyond CAT hydraulics, we also service John Deere, Komatsu, Kobelco and others.

  • We use CAT XT hoses, surpassing industry standards for durability and reliability
  • 我们提供CAT可重复使用的接头
  • 我们库存所有尺寸和携带高,中,低压软管




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