运营成本会对利润产生很大影响. Links and track rollers can represent up to 75% of the cost of an entire undercarriage system. With Cleveland Brothers you can be sure each undercarriage component is designed and manufactured to meet 毛毛虫’s rigid quality standards to ensure balanced system life.

CAT连杆与滚轮硬度匹配, 因此,它们以可预测的速度一起工作和磨损. 毛毛虫’s balanced link and track roller system reduces your downtime and lowers your cost per hour.

许多有竞争力的连杆和履带滚轮硬度不同, 这通常会导致不可预测的磨损率, 服务分, 和破坏点. The result is an unbalanced system that increases your downtime and costs. 你是否拥有卡特彼勒, 约翰迪尔底盘, 小松底盘, 沃尔沃起落架或其他设备的主机, 太阳成集团官网可以帮助你降低运营成本.

To help you take full advantage of the long life built into your CAT undercarriage system, 我们提供定制跟踪服务(CTS), 一个全面的程序管理你的起落架系统. It helps you project remaining wear life, schedule maintenance, and identify potential problems.

当你的起落架需要维修时, 我们的训练有素的专业人员, 适当的设备, and excellent parts availability get your machine up and running quickly and reliably. Call your Product Support Representative today or if you are not sure call 1-866-551-4602 有关我们所有起落架服务的更多信息.

In addition to our undercarriage replacement services we also provide extensive repair and rebuilds options, 以新产品的一小部分成本延长轨道寿命. 优质湿式衬套匝数, re-shelling of rollers and re-grousering are performed by trained Cleveland Brothers Technicians.

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