The development of moisture is a common issue when using compressed air for industrial applications. This can cause significant damage to equipment that eventually results in mechanical failure. Refrigerated dryers perform the essential function of eliminating moisture from compressed air, 保护机器和防止产品污染.



加德纳·丹佛是全球领先的高度工程设计制造商, peak-performing critical flow-control products — including industry-best air dryers and air treatment products. 在30多个国家设有分支机构, 加德纳丹佛公司是一家全球知名的压缩空气设备销售和分销公司,产品广泛应用于各种领域. 从制造、汽车到医疗和能源等行业都依赖加德纳丹佛的产品来满足其空气干燥和治疗需求.


作为加德纳·丹佛设备的宾州中心授权经销商, Cleveland Brothers carries a broad assortment of refrigerated dryers consisting of seven different product series. 这些先进的干燥器可以单独或与空气过滤器结合使用. 所有的模型都带来了许多好处. 例如, 它们可以延长产品寿命,防止润滑油从下游部件中被冲走,并减少在混合等应用中的污染, 冷却和输送. 它们还将减少压缩空气组件的腐蚀, 延长整个系统的使用寿命.


With so many models, selecting the ideal refrigerated dryer for your company can be a challenge. Our 压缩空气 Division gives you access to a team of experts who can make your purchasing decision much easier. 我们将花时间全面了解您的操作需求,并帮助您为您的应用程序做出理想的匹配. We can also assist you in finding a rental solution for your temporary compressed air drying needs.


太阳成集团官网自1948年开始营业. 在70多年的时间里, 我们因提供一流的服务和支持而赢得了极高的声誉. 当你从我们这里购买加德纳·丹佛冷冻干燥机时, 您还将获得安装方面的帮助, 设备的调试和启动. Our team also includes factory-certified service technicians who can handle all of your maintenance and repair needs. What's more, we offer comprehensive warranty support for your protection and peace of mind.


We offer 加德纳丹佛 refrigerated dryers for sale at our dealer locations in 29 central Pennsylvania counties. Feel free to stop by for a closer look and meet our friendly and knowledgeable sales team. 你也可以在1-或给我们打电话 在线太阳成集团最新网站 附加信息和非义务冷冻干燥机报价.