太阳成集团官网为其与卡特彼勒长期而成功的合作关系感到自豪, the worldwide leader in heavy industrial equipment manufacturing headquartered in Peoria, 伊利诺斯州. 1948年,我们在宾夕法尼亚州中部开设了第一家卡特彼勒经销商, 我们自豪地继承了卡特彼勒卓越和服务的传统. 这一传统可以追溯到卡特彼勒公司于1925年成立的85年前.


卡特彼勒拖拉机公司最初成立于1925年,是由霍尔特制造公司和C. L. 最好的拖拉机公司,卡特彼勒的名字起源于几年前. 在20世纪初, 寻找一种方法来改善他公司的蒸汽拖拉机的机动性和牵引力, 本杰明·霍尔特用螺栓固定在链条上的木制轨道替换了车轮. 这一创新非常成功,据说一位旁观者说,这台机器像毛毛虫一样爬行. Holt agreed, and dubbed his new machine “毛毛虫,” a name he eventually trademarked in 1910. In 1986 毛毛虫 officially changed the company name from 毛毛虫 Tractor 公司 to 毛毛虫公司.


本杰明·霍尔特在卡特彼勒正式成立之前就在工业拖拉机的研发中发挥了重要作用, a series of noteworthy accomplishments continued to occur after the formation of the new company in 1925. 在1930年代, 例如, 毛毛虫 machines played a significant role in the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, 大古力大坝, 以及密西西比大堤建设项目. 卡特彼勒重型设备支持美国.S. 第二次世界大战期间的军事行动, and the company was able to ramp up its stateside production to manufacture more than 51,000履带式军用拖拉机.


毛毛虫 history includes expansion into a variety of foreign markets following the war. 在20世纪50年代早期,CAT机器帮助建造了10.5 mile superhighway that greatly facilitated transportation through the Andes Mountains in Venezuela. In 1953 the Indian government purchased 93 CAT machines to aid in the country’s road development projects. CAT machines also contributed to the completion of event sites for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. CAT even supplied equipment for use in the most environmentally challenging locations in the world, 美国的CAT机器的使用证明了这一点.S. military during Operation Deep Freeze III in Antarctica in the latter part of the decade.


除了改进和增加多年来的制造努力, 毛毛虫 history is highlighted by a process of growth through a series of acquisitions. 1965年,CAT通过收购Mentor扩大了其叉车生产线, 俄亥俄州Towmotor公司. 1981年,CAT通过收购国际收割机公司的太阳能和涡轮机械部门,进军工业燃气轮机领域. 重大的国际收购包括Perkins 有限的, 1998年一家英国小型柴油发动机制造商, 和MWM控股公司, 德国天然气和柴油发电机组生产商.


Today, 毛毛虫 continues as the leading manufacturer of heavy industrial equipment in the world. Always seeking ways to increase its footprint and provide even more services to its customer base, 该公司还进入了新的领域, 如金融产品和保险的销售. 太阳成集团官网期待与世界领先的公司继续保持强大而持久的合作关系, as well as delivering a wide range of quality CAT machines and equipment to our customers for years to come.

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